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Winter Range

The winter tyre range is used on some of the toughest snow and ice-based events – from the mountains of Rallye Monte Carlo to the freezing forests of Sweden. Winter tyres feature a variety of studding options benefiting from DMACK’s own T-bar studding system developed in-house.


The DMG-ICE exhibits an innovative open V pattern design which is effective in loose snow and the unique asymmetrical pattern allows the tyre to be used on both sides of the car. It is available in 15 inch only.

SizeStudCompoundOverall DiamTread WidthSectionWheel SizePrice
205/65 R15SwedenICE SUB644mm146mm189mm6 (7)TBD


The DMG-ICE2 is available in the typical narrow winter sizes with a traditional ‘tractor’ tread pattern helping to maximise traction and braking in the ice and snow. The pattern is available in all sizes to suit most cars.

SizeStudCompoundOverall DiamTread WidthSectionWheel SizePrice
145/80 R13 SwedenICE SUB571mm107mm145mm5 (5.5) 6TBD
145/80 R14SwedenICE SUB571mm107mm145mm5 (5.5) 6TBD
145/80 R15SwedenICE SUB615mm107mm145mm5 (5.5) 6TBD
145/80 R16SwedenICE SUB644mm115mm152mm5 (5.5) 6TBD


The all-new DMG-ICE3 has an asymmetric pattern to deliver enhanced performance at high speed. The tread design has been developed specifically to provide extra grip during high speed cornering.

SizeStudCompoundOverall DiamTread WidthSectionWheel SizePrice
145/80 R16SwedenICE SUB644mm115mm152mm5 (5.5) 6TBD


The increased tread depth and open groove design allows the DMT-ICE asphalt winter tyre to perform well on snow and ice covered asphalt roads. In studded configuration, the tyre is equipped with 200 metal pins.

SizeStudCompoundOverall DiamTread WidthSectionWheel SizePrice
225/40 R18MonteICE SUB646mm208mm221mm7.5 (8) 8.5TBD
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