Affordable high performance tyre


DMACK Winter tyres are designed to perform in all cold weather conditions. 3 modern and stylish European designed tread patterns in the most popular sizes. All patterns utilise Silica compound technology to ensure grip on all winter road surfaces.


Developed by DMACK to withstand the freezing conditions of the Monte Carlo Rally. Directional design with a 9.3mm tread depth, nearly 25% more than ordinary road tyres.

185/65 R1588T
195/65 R1591H
185/60 R1588T XL
195/55 R1585T
205/55 R1691H
225/45 R1794H XL
225/40 R1892V XL


Performance Winter Tyre

An asymmetrically patterned tyre featuring a silica rich tread compound, which offers excellent performance in severe weather conditions – snow, slush, mud and wet.

215/65 R1698H
205/60 R1692H
215/55 R1693H

Winter Tyre

The stylish directional silica based tread compound ensures maximum grip in all winter weather conditions, and the high density sipes help traction and braking on slippy winter roads, even in the lowest of temperatures.

165/70 R1481T
175/70 R1484T
175/65 R1482T
185/65 R1486T
185/65 R1588T
195/65 R1591T
185/60 R1482T
195/60 R1588T
205/55 R1691T
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