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Gravel Range

The range of gravel tyres offers competitors of all levels and abilities access to a range of affordable and high performance products.

Tyres have been specifically developed for historic specification and rear-wheel-drive cars while the core range DMG2 tyres are available in a range of sizes to fit every car and competitor. DMACK gravel tyres can be used from club rallies to world events and we see this access across the full range of abilities as being a key selling point.

Optimum Operating Temperature Range


The DMG1 is ideal for historic specification cars and the symmetrical pattern delivers maximum traction for live axle vehicles. The DMG1 comes in both an open and closed pattern. The closed pattern offers enhanced durability for high-powered cars.

(o) = Open Pattern (c) = Closed Pattern

SizeCompoundOverall DiamTread WidthSectionWheel SizePrice
165/80 R13 (o)G62 G42590mm141mm170mm5.5 (6) 6.5TBD
185/70 R13 (o)G62 G42590mm155mm185mm6 (7)TBD
195/70 R13 (c)G62 G42600mm170mm195mm6.5 (7)TBD
205/70 R13 (c)G62 G42600mm175mm205mm7 (8)TBD


The DMG2 gravel tyre benefits from an asymmetric pattern designed to give maximum traction and lateral grip. It is suitable for all classes of cars including R1, R2, R3, R4, GpN and Super 2000.

SizeCompoundOverall DiamTread WidthSectionWheel SizePrice
175/70 R15G62 G42616mm146mm165mm5.5 (6) 7TBD
185/70 R15G62 G42633mm168mm188mm6 (7)TBD
195/65 R15G62 G42633mm168mm188mm6 (7)TBD
195/70 R15G62 G42647mm179mm195mm6 (7)TBD
205/65 R15G62 G42647mm181mm204mm6.5 (7)TBD


The DMG3 is a 14 inch tyre developed specifically for smaller front-wheel-drive cars. It offers exceptional traction through the symmetrical pattern and its construction is designed to maximize puncture resistance.

SizeCompoundOverall DiamTread WidthSectionWheel SizePrice
175/70 R14G62 G42595mm146mm165mm5.5 (6) 7TBD
185/65 R14G62 G42598mm175mm185mm6 (7)TBD


The DMG+ has a more open tread pattern to deliver all-round performance in soft and loose surfaces. The block width and tread depth have been increased and this tyre is suited to S2000, RRC, GpN, R5 and WRC cars.

SizeCompoundOverall DiamTread WidthSectionWheel SizePrice
215/65 R15G62647mm185mm212mm7 8TBD


The DMG+2 is the latest evolution tyre used by WRC competitors. It has a more closed tread pattern and comes in a range of new compounds offering the best possible performance. A new 13 inch version has been developed for the rear axle of historic cars.

SizeCompoundOverall DiamTread WidthSectionWheel SizePrice
185/70 R13G62 G42590mm155mm185mm6 (7)TBD
215/65 R15S6 S3 H3647mm185mm212mm7 8TBD
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