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Asphalt Range

DMACK’s range of asphalt tyres is led by the DMT-RC which features the familiar WRC mixed pattern – helping to promote increased levels of safety on sealed surface event.

Optimum Operating Temperature Range


With a brand new pattern developed for the 2016 WRC, the DMT-RC2 will be available in sizes between 15 and 18 inch, in four different compounds. The new pattern and compounds deliver enhanced performance on asphalt surfaces.

* = Available from June 2016

SizeCompoundOverall DiamTread WidthSectionWheel SizePrice
195/50 R15 *W3 T91 T71 T51580mm168mm200mm6 6.5 (7)TBD
195/50 R16 *W3 T91 T71 T51605mm168mm195mm6 (7) 7.5TBD
205/50 R17 *W3 T91 T71 T51637mm205mm212mm6.5 (7) 7.5TBD
225/40 R18XS4 S4 H4647mm212mm226mm7.5 (8) 9TBD


The DMT-RC asphalt tyre delivers high performance on both dry and moist sealed surfaces. Featuring the WRC pattern, the tyre has achieved DOT and E mark certification which allows it to be used on World and European Rally Championship events.

This pattern is available throughout our size range and is proving popular in historic rallying. The tyre complies with the new 2014 FIA regulations to use tread patterns which could help improve safety on asphalt events.

SizeCompoundOverall DiamTread WidthSectionWheel SizePrice
195/50 R13W3 T91 T71 T51530mm168mm200mm7 (8)TBD
225/45 R13W3 T91 T71 T51530mm195mm226mm8 (9) 10TBD
175/60 R14W3 T91 T71 T51570mm154mm179mm5.5 (6) 6.5TBD
195/50 R15W3 T91 T71 T51580mm168mm200mm6 6.5 (7)TBD
225/45 R15W3 T91 T71 T51580mm212mm226mm7 (8) 9TBD
195/50 R16W3 T91 T71 T51605mm168mm195mm6 (7) 7.5TBD
205/50 R17W3 T91 T71 T51637mm205mm212mm6.5 (7) 7.5TBD
225/45 R17W3 T91 T71 T51647mm212mm226mm7 (8)TBD
225/40 R18W3 XS3 S3 H3647mm212mm226mm7.5 (8) 9TBD


The DMG3 is a 14 inch tyre developed specifically for smaller front-wheel-drive cars. It offers exceptional traction through the symmetrical pattern and its construction is designed to maximize puncture resistance.

SizeCompoundOverall DiamThread Width (mm)SectionWheel SizePrice
225/40 R18H3 S3 XS3647mm212mm226mm7.5 (8) 9TBD


As an intermediate tyre, the DMT3 has been designed with longitudinal and lateral grooves to increase water dispersion and maximise traction in moist, wet and slippery conditions.

SizeCompoundOverall DiamTread WidthSectionWheel SizePrice
225/40 R18W3647mm212mm226mm7.5 (8) 9TBD
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